Tshega Christian Mission



TCM Finance Programme includes the financial development, management and stewardship of all in kind or financial donations and any other income received through service delivery. This department functions under procedures concerning financial management and control such as organizing, auditing, budgeting, and strategic planning of all the TCM programme assets or any income.


TCM Marketing includes awareness, stewardship, relationship, and communication. This in turn manifests as the right product at the right time - identifying and responding to customer/supporters needs whilst increasing value and understanding of all TCM Programmes.

Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance at TCM includes administrative and procedural policies or activities that are approved and implemented within TCM programmes to provide clear guidelines of operation. The desired result is that requirements, strategy and goals for the programmes are fulfilled and that team members feel informed and safe within their working environment.

The TCM administrative programme includes a range of procedural activities connected to the successful organizing, functioning, and supervising of the organization.